Armored + Security


Armored & security applications

APS alternators, converters and high-idle controls have been proven through extensive use in commercial, military, security and armored vehicles.

Clients include US Department of State, Department of Defense, and Special Operations Command, as well as vehicle up-armoring companies and manufacturers.

American Power Systems, Inc. complies with guidelines and requirements for federal and state vendors.

Our systems provide ample power for transceivers, amplifier kits, communication equipment, racking in fixed installations (command posts, tactical operations centers), counter-IED (improvised explosive device) equipment (jammers), communication vehicles, as well as a diverse array of other vehicles and equipment.

We provide solutions for petrol (gasoline) and diesel engines, including Toyota Land Cruiser and Hilux, Ford Expedition and E-series, Chevrolet Suburban and Tahoe, and Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Armored & security products

Our ruggedly constructed alternators and dual-alternator systems provide dependable performance with ultra-reliable components in the charging system, delivering 195 amps at idle and 360 amps at maximum. Output provided by stock OE chassis 12-volt alternators will not compare.

Our engineers designed APS heavy-duty converters with military applications in mind. These low-profile units handle a wide input range to deliver stable output with high efficiency.

APS high-idle controls raise idle RPM to ensure consistent electrical power to ancillary vehicle systems when the engine is at rest.

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