Marine + Alternative Energy




Power your race to the finish—on the water or off the grid.


Since 2006 APS alternators have powered hundreds of ocean-going vessels over the finish line, supporting performance and comfort features with dependable output at low RPM.

For those pursuing an off-the-grid lifestyle on terra firma, a purpose-built APS auxiliary power unit (APU) can provide primary and/or backup electricity for individual or family needs.

APS also design-builds APU to meet unique business and industry specifications.


-Features and Benefits-



Steady as she goes. APS alternators deliver dependable output at idle RPM to meet 24-hour on-board current demands. In some cases, APS alternators have enabled mariners to swap gas-powered equipment for an electrical version, thereby enhancing safety and cutting total vessel weight at the same time.



Field-proven. With hundreds of systems currently in use on watercraft around the world, APS systems are trusted by racers and the professionals who support them. APS sytems have been used to power vessels in premiere global events, such as the Volvo Ocean Race.



Bespoke design. Created to meet client specifications, APS auxiliary power units (APU) provide a source of reliable electrical power for a diverse array of unique applications. In service of clients from the individual homeowner going off the grid, to the manager of confidential defense projects, APS takes pride in delivering high power in situations where conventional solutions don’t exist or simply won’t work. With APS purpose-built APU, clients experience the freedom of an independent power source created to meet their specific criteria.



Power systems for ocean-going vessels and alternative energy

American Power Systems, Inc., provides alternators and alternator systems to meet on-board current demands for ocean-going boats and racing yachts, sailed by enthusiasts and professional racers alike. APS marine clients include pilots and those who outfit and service watercraft.

Our products have powered vessels in premier global events such as the annual Volvo Ocean Race.

Alternative energy
APS builds gasoline (petrol), propane, natural gas and diesel-powered auxiliary power units (APU) and portable generator sets for 14-, 28-,36- and 56-volt DC applications, including marine, remote telecommunications, charging stations and others. Our purpose-built units are designed and engineered to meet client requirements.

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