Success Stories


"We have been doing business with APS for the past three years now. Their team proved itself to be responsive and professional, responding to our needs and technical questions promptly and thoroughly. Integrating systems overseas is never an easy task. APS supported us with these projects and contributed to the success of our team in the US and abroad."

Yuval Bezherano, Executive Vice President
New Age Security Solutions, Dulles, Virginia USA


"On these boats, the engine runs continuously. While maximum output isn't a key consideration, strong output at idle RPM is critical because the alternators must meet all on-board current demands, as we use minimally-sized house batteries to keep weight down. We see 50 amps at idle, continuously, whether they're running for a three-hour buoy race or a week-long transatlantic record attempt.

There's so much energy at idle, we've switched from gas stoves to DC-powered instant water heaters for safety, weight and convenience!

If you're looking for big case, high-output alternators for applications where reliability and weight are important, you just can't beat American Power alternators."

Wayne Meretsky, Owner
Kinetic Scientific, Auckland, New Zealand


 "Having a quality power solution is essential in the design of specialty vehicle platforms; being able to execute is what makes the American Power team and their products stand out."

Kevin Sorensen, ECM Support
Allen-Vanguard Corporation, Ontario, Canada