APS spotted on Popular Mechanics' website

APS made its Popular Mechanics debut last week.

That’s right: An attentive online reader alerted us that he had spotted an APS unit, emblazoned with our A-star logo, in a video posted on the magazine’s website.

Before you watch, be sure to read the interesting and enlightening companion piece by Kyle Mizokami. In the article, Mizokami unveils how standard commercial vehicles such as the Toyota Land Cruiser and Toyota Hilux get up-armored and otherwise outfitted to make them fully functional and bulletproof for use in conflict zones.

APS designs, engineers and manufactures high-output alternators, dual alternator bracket kits, high-idle controls and other products for armored and security vehicles such as these.

When you watch this excellent educational piece from Battelle, pay special attention at the 1:50 mark, when the APS A-star, positioned prominently on one of our units, makes its cameo!

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