Because You Asked: Lithium-Ion Battery Storage for Military Applications

“Because You Asked” occasionally answers an important, common or otherwise noteworthy question we hear from one of our partners around the world.

Question: Can you explain the voltage at which your automotive-grade lithium-ion battery storage system operates?

Answer: We hear voltage questions from military clients from time to time, possibly because this system is purposely designed to work just a bit differently from others on the market.

In terms of voltage, this option for lithium-ion battery storage operates in conjunction with a 56-volt alternator. Current is then passed through a DC converter and/or an AC/DC inverter, if needed, to provide the appropriate output to on-vehicle systems.

Therefore, though this system is designed to operate with a 56-volt alternator, it still represents a customizable, scalable and robust energy-storage option for use in conjunction with systems running at 12, 24 (28) or 56 volts.

Great news, right?

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