Best of 2020: Our Most Popular Blogs & Resources of the Year

With 2020 rapidly receding into the rear-view, we’re looking back on our most popular downloadable resources and blog posts for the year.

Top Blog Posts in 2020

Product Release: Alternator for the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter N62 Accessory Bracket

We released our 58-volt alternator solution for the Sprinter accessory bracket in 2019, and it continues to be an often-sought solution for those building on the popular van chassis.

Currently we offer 12-, 24- and 58-volt alternators for the N62 standard accessory bracket available from the manufacturer.

Product Release: APS-500 Alternator Regulator

We released the APS-500, our advanced alternator regulator, in 2019 at IDEX, Abu Dhabi.

These advanced units use multiple data points—including battery voltage, current in/out, and battery and alternator temperature—to charge virtually any commercially available battery type, including the latest in lithium-ion technology.

Hot Yacht: How APS Alternators Help Power Top Cruising & Sailing Vessels

An oldie but still a goodie, this blog was posted in 2018 and features the story of our partner in marine systems integration, Bruce Schwab, owner of OceanPlanet Energy.

Schwab was the first American to sail solo around the world in the Vendee Globe ocean race. Today, he relies on APS alternators to charge lithium-ion systems that provide cruisers and racers with complete energy freedom on the water.

Top Downloadable Resources in 2020

Alternator Installation Tips

Installing an alternator? Save yourself some time by doing it right the first time. Our free guide provides tips from our applications engineers, who have been helping trouble-shoot customer installs for over 15 years.

Alternator Buyer’s Guide

This is our practical guide to alternators – what they are, how they work and what prudent buyers need to ask before making a purchase.

Case Study: 28-Volt Secondary Power System for Special Operations

Featuring a power solution we created hand-in-hand with Polaris Government & Defense in service of US Special Operations Command, this case study features a dual-voltage system that provides high current at idle.

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