Expo Update: Where & How to Connect with APS This Fall

Have questions about on-vehicle power?

Working on a new upfit or build – and need to map out power requirements?

We’ve got you covered.

At APS we’re beefing up our fall calendar with virtual events, some of which will provide a platform where you can have your questions answered by our technically capable program managers.

Below we’ve outlined which virtual events we plan to attend.

We also want to recognize that we’re all in uncharted waters in this new, virtual-first world. And so, to reduce the unknown, we’re outlining what you can expect from us when we meet virtually for the first time.

What Can I Expect from a Virtual Meeting with APS?

When you set a virtual meeting with APS – or join us for a visit via an online conference platform – you’ll meet with our program managers or our national sales manager.

These staff members possess technical capabilities and decades of direct project experience. They run programs with vehicle OEMs, fleet operators and managers, armoring companies, and US government and military organizations -- including US Department of State and US Special Operations Command.

As vehicle power specialists, they evaluate on-vehicle power needs and suggest solutions that meet and often exceed requirements, providing unique benefits:

  • Ample power to run vehicle systems AND specialized equipment, creating up to five times OEM output
  • Design and integrate solutions involving high output alternators (up to 360 amps each) and bespoke dual- or triple- alternator bracketry that remain under the hood or otherwise out of the way
  • Quickly and appropriately charge, maintain and protect batteries -- including lithium-ion packages
  • Deliver ample power at idle, allowing end-users to utilize on-vehicle equipment -- even when shore power is a long way off (including silent watch)
  • Provide 12- and 24-volt power on the same vehicle
  • Weigh less, perform better and last longer other possible solutions, resulting in a lower life-cycle cost, less downtime and reduced exposure to risk

Our goal with virtual meetings and events is to learn about your needs and answer questions.

So if you are working on a specific vehicle, the more information you have about it, the better. But don’t hesitate to reach out if you don’t have access to all the specifications.

We’re always happy to answer general questions, help you better understand our products and share how others have used them with success.

Virtual Events Schedule

COGES Connect | Sept. 14-15, 2020

Connect is a new online event by COGES, the organization that presents Eurosatory ever other year in Paris. With the cancellation of Eurosatory 2020, Connect aims to gather the show’s attendees for a shared virtual experience.

Connect will provide a virtual networking platform as well as online exhibits – a truly virtual conference and tradeshow.

Learn more at the event website.

Virtual Truck Product Conference | Sept. 22-24, 2020

NTEA’s annual event goes virtual this year with a focus on education from major chassis manufacturers about new model work trucks and upfitter integration implications.

At present the event does not include online networking opportunities.

To schedule a meeting with National Manager Jim Dunlap, who usually attends this event in person, use our online form or call Jim directly at (563) 323-7994, ext. 107.

AUSA 2020 Annual Meeting & Exposition | Oct. 13-16, 2020

In July AUSA announced that it would not hold its annual Washington D.C. event in person, and would instead replace it with a virtual event.

The AUSA Now event will be held  online Oct. 13-16. Those who attend the event can schedule a virtual meeting through the AUSA platform.

Otherwise, to schedule a meeting with Program Manager Phillip Potter or Vince Kresho, you also may use our online form or call (563) 323-7994, ext. 106 (for Phillip) or ext. 116 (for Vince).

How to Schedule a Virtual Meeting -- Anytime

Let us know when and how you’d like to meet, and we can arrange a phone or video conference at your convenience.

Fill out this quick request form and we will make contact to set something up.

Until we can meet again in person, please stay safe!

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