Fall flooding: Safe & sound at APS

After unprecedented rains and subsequent rising river levels, the Mississippi River is finally falling.

This is big news here in downtown Davenport, Iowa, where APS company headquarters is situated.

The River fell yesterday to 17.03 feet after cresting over 18 feet on Saturday, according to the City of Davenport.

While the water has never come close to the front door, we do enjoy a front-row seat to both the beauty and the dangers of the river, located just three or so blocks away.

In fact, those of us who sit in the south-facing front office take in stunning views of the Master Sgt. Stanley Talbot Memorial Bridge spanning the channel. This time of year, the view is punctuated by yellow- and red-leafed trees popping against the October blue sky.

Long ago, the Mississippi was given its name—Misi-ziibi—by the Ojibwe or Algonquin people who lived along it. It means “Great River.”

Never does the River seem greater or more powerful than during a flood.

Here at APS, we count ourselves lucky that the flood waters have created a nuisance and nothing more for our operations. Road closures and minor traffic snarls we can handle. Yet we certainly realize that not everyone in the wake of rising waters has been so well protected, and we’re thinking of our neighboring businesses that are more seriously affected.

According to the City, flood waters aren’t expected to recede any time soon.

All things considered, business as usual never sounded so good.

Visiting APS? Please check the road closures and detours map provided by City of Davenport. You can see more local flood updates here.

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