Get to know APS | Brandy Welvaert

by Brandy Welvaert

Every month on the APS blog, we introduce you to our staff by asking one person 15 questions.

Read on -- and get to know us!

1. Name: Brandy Welvaert

2. Job title: Marketing & Communication Manager

3. Length of time with APS: 4 months

4. Playing in my car: WVIK or an old CD

5. iOS or Android? iOS

6. Pizza or tacos? Tacos from Nally’s Kitchen in downtown Davenport, please!

7. Favorite vacation spot: South Haven, Michigan, in late summer. I love that it’s only four hours away from home, and it feels like you're visiting the ocean. My boys, my husband and I have made some precious memories there.

8. My first car: I had a 1988 Chrysler Fifth Avenue. It wouldn’t start on rainy days.

9. What people who don’t know me think I do: Hard telling! I try to remember that what other people think is their business, not mine.

10. What I really do:
Whether I’m designing a new print piece, coordinating details for a trade show, or puzzling out a user experience for the APS website, my most important job is to understand and communicate the value of APS products and services to others.

11. But I’d rather be: Enjoying the woods with my family at White Pines Forest State Park (Mt. Morris, Il.) or Devil’s Lake State Park (Baraboo, Wis.)

12. Best APS memory: Watching the total solar eclipse in the APS parking lot with my co-workers

13. Worst pet peeve: Incivility of any kind

14. Favorite holiday: Thanksgiving, because food and family

15. If I won the lottery: I'd hire some serious legal counsel and start making plans to travel the world. First up, a cross-country train ride to Yellowstone with my husband and train-crazy boys.

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