Get to know APS | Brooke Plambeck

by Brandy Welvaert

Each month, we feature an APS staff member on the blog.

Why do we do it? We believe that our business is built upon relationships -- and we're happy to start the conversation!

This month, get to know our in-house QuickBooks guru and APS Swiss Army knife, Brooke Plambeck.

Name: Brooke Kristine Plambeck

Title: Manager, Financial Services

Length of time with APS: 5 years

Listening to: B-100, Pandora

iOS or Android? Android

Pizza or tacos? Pizza

Favorite vacation spot: Florida

My first car: Chevy Chevette

What people who don’t know me think I do: I hope my job, but who knows?

What I really do: I’m that friendly voice you hear when you get my extension. I work a lot in Quick Books. I have worn different hats. Basically, if it needs to get done, I will help cover it.

But I’d rather be: On the beach with my feet in the sand

Best APS memory: Getting hired after being off for almost a year

Worst pet peeve: People who cut their nails at work

Favorite holiday: St. Patrick’s Day

If I won the lottery: I would pay off my Mom’s house and anything else she needs so she can live the rest of her life worry free! Provide to my daughter a nice nest egg. Buy a Corvette (older one). Donate to a charity. Then have a whole lot of fun!

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