Get to know APS | Jim Dunlap

by Brandy Welvaert

Each month we introduce you to one of our staff members here on the APS blog. This month's featured employee is Jim Dunlap: foodie, road warrior, and trusted advisor to commercial clients from Maine to California.

1. Name: Jim Dunlap

2. Job title: North American Commercial Sales Manager

3. Length of time with APS: 6+ years

4. Heard playing in my car: From bluegrass to blues to Bach

5. iOS or Android? iOS

6. Pizza or tacos? Pizza – REAL Chicago deep-pan, or REAL NY thin-crust

7. Favorite vacation spot: Colorado

8. My first car: 1956 Plymouth

9. What people who don’t know me think I do: Not a clue?!

10. What I really do: Enjoy life

11. But I’d rather be: Rich and living in La Jolla & Aspen

12. Best APS memory: Seeing the team come together and deliver a tough project

13. Worst pet peeve: Oblivious people standing in the way

14. Favorite holiday: St. Patrick’s Day

15. If I won the lottery, I’d: See 11 above with a Prevost Motor Coach for travelling

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