Get to know APS | Keith Morgan

Once a month on the APS blog, we introduce you to one of our staff members with a quick Q&A.

This month, meet Keith Morgan, who has been building alternators for APS for over a decade!

1. Name: Keith Morgan

2. Job title: Builder

3. Length of time with APS: 12 years

4. Playing in my car: Metal

5. iOS or Android? Android

6. Pizza or tacos? Yes

7. Favorite vacation spot: Anywhere in the woods

8. My first car: 1984 Toyota Tercel

9. What people who don’t know me think I do: Work

10. What I really do: Try not to work too hard!

11. But I’d rather be: Working on cars

12. Best APS memory: The time when Tyler (APS shipping and logistics coordinator) bought breakfast

13. Worst pet peeve: Annoying people

14. Favorite holiday: Halloween

15. If I won the lottery: My wife would be rich!

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