Get to know APS: Phillip Potter

Once a month, we've been introducing you to a member of the APS staff here on the blog. This month's featured staff member is Phillip Potter. Phil is a family man, a world traveler, and a trusted advisor to clients around the globe. Just don't make him choose between tacos and pizza!

1. Name: Phillip Potter (Phil)

2. Job title: Program Manager

3. Length of time with APS: Almost 15 years! 

4. Playing in my car: The Highway on XM, but it really changes daily. Like all kinds.

5. iOS or Android? Android

6. Pizza or tacos? Why choose? Taco pizza!

7. Favorite vacation spot: Don’t really have one yet

8. My first car: 1987 Dodge Omni

9. What people who don’t know me think I do: Work for the government

10. What I really do: Provide clients with needed recommendations on power systems for their specialty vehicles to ensure they can operate their electronics to stay safe in not-so-nice places. 

11. But I’d rather be: Traveling with the family and exposing our children to all sorts of neat things!

12. Best APS memory: Recent trade mission to South Africa

13. Worst pet peeve: Expecting everything while doing nothing

14. Favorite holiday: Christmas

15. If I won the lottery: Travel the world, give some to the Mike Rowe Foundation, and most likely start several other philanthropic foundations.

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