New high-output alternators for Nissan Patrol

We are proud to introduce new alternators to support power-hungry applications for the Nissan Patrol.

We now provide 255- and 360-amp HPI alternators for the Patrol, Nissan’s largest sport utility/crossover, used around the world as a recreational vehicle and a working platform for commercial, government and defense applications, including off-road, racing, adventure, armored, security, police and ambulance.

Up-fitters who need to add more on-vehicle power to the Nissan Patrol to support work-related equipment – and to ensure vehicle performance under the added weight of armor and other systems – are encouraged to contact APS for a no-cost consultation with one of our program managers.

APS HPI Alternators for Nissan Patrol

Higher output means your end-user can run the equipment they need to get work done, stay safe and connected, and enjoy more cabin comfort.

Our clients use APS high output alternators to energize equipment such as anti-IED jammers, communication systems, satellite equipment, cooling systems, power tools, work-truck systems, and more.

We proudly design and build our signature high output alternators in the United States.  Read more about our alternators.

Output Performance: New APS Nissan Patrol 255 and 360 HPI Alternators

255 HPI Alternators | PNs 255HY625.61H748S9; 255HY625.61H752S9

Output curve shown below.

360 HPI Alternators | PNs 360HY625.61H748S9; 360HY625.61H752S9

Output curve shown below.

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