New video: Current products + capabilities

You can get a quick overview of APS products and capabilities in our latest video. Watch it below:

At American Power Systems, Inc., we design and manufacture advanced mobile power systems and DC power generators for armored, security, commercial, marine and purpose-built vehicles.

We are the preferred supplier of government agencies and fleet operators worldwide to develop life-saving power systems and mission-critical power solutions.

APS specializes in high output and dual alternator systems, providing unparalleled, continuous high power that our clients depend on to get the job done.

Our custom alternator brackets and dual alternator bracket kits provide optimal fit, form and function in conjunction with our alternators.

We also supply high idle controls to ensure consistent electrical power, even when a vehicle is stationary, as well as purpose-built auxiliary power units to deliver complete mobile power.

In addition, our offerings include DC-DC converters for optimal voltage control, lithium ion battery storage, and alternator regulators for ideal battery charging and care.

With an in-house engineering team, APS provides custom design and testing services, as well as complete system integration to produce maximum results and meet critical demands.

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What's next:

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