New video: Power solutions for vehicles & fleets

Our power systems enable operators in diverse industries to get the job done – no matter where work takes them.

Here’s a handful of examples of businesses and vehicles we currently serve:

  • Ambulances
  • Delivery vans
  • Emergency vehicles
  • Location & mapping data collection vehicles
  • Mobile pet groomers
  • Mobile offices & workshops
  • Mobile stores
  • News vans
  • Police
  • Refrigerated & freezer vehicles
  • Satellite communications vehicles
  • Service contractors

When your vehicle or fleet requires industry-specific on-vehicle equipment that needs ample electricity to operate, APS is your partner for delivering dependable power—even at idle.

Our alternators and regulators, dual alternator brackets and kits, DC-DC converters, high idle controls and accessories keep business running, reduce downtime, and save money over the life of a vehicle versus other solutions.

If you’re wondering what APS can do for you, let’s talk!

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