Power up with APS Hilux 2.4L & 2.8L turbodiesel solutions

The leader in ruggedness and efficiency for pickup trucks outside the United States, the Toyota Hilux represents one of the most important vehicle platforms APS serves.

Over the past 13 years, APS has developed trusted DC power solutions for government and industry clients whose on-vehicle power requirements exceed what the standard Hilux drive system can deliver.

In recent years, changes to the Hilux have presented new opportunities.

“Changes to the Toyota Hilux engine, from the 3.0-liter to the 2.4- and 2.8-liter turbodiesels, represents a huge shift for many of our partners utilizing Hilux worldwide. When changes were announced in 2015, we knew we needed to respond with solutions to meet our clients’ needs for dependable power to get work done and stay safe,” says Phillip Potter, program manager for APS.

Potter serves a broad portfolio of international clients, working primarily with armored and security vehicles for government entities.

“What we didn’t know at the time of the change was how fast the new Hilux model, and therefore the newer engines, would be adopted,” Potter says. “With almost four years since the initial announcement, today we see this shift is nearly complete.”

APS proudly provides DC power systems for Hilux 2.4-liter and 2.8-liter turbodiesel engines, as well as the previous 3.0-liter.

APS solutions for Toyota Hilux

  • Alternators up to 360 amps for direct OEM replacement
  • Dual alternator kits, including alternator(s), bracketry, high-idle control switch and DC-DC converter
  • Ability to provide complete power system redundancy
  • Ability to provide a 12- and 28-volt system on the same vehicle, enabling equipment to operate at two different voltages simultaneously

For extreme requirements, APS can provide the following:

  • Two 12-volt, 360-amp alternators, bracket, high-idle control switch and DC-DC converter
  • One 12-volt, 360-amp alternator to replace the OEM unit, plus a secondary alternator at 28 volts producing up to 185 amps, bracket, high-idle control switch and DC-DC converter

The prominence of Toyota Hilux as an NSCV around the world

Because of its economy, near indestructibility and ubiquity, which simplifies the procurement of spares, it’s no surprise that the Toyota Hilux is one of the most relied-upon consumer vehicles for non-standard use around the world.

According to Toyota, over 17.7 million of these vehicles have been sold since its first release in 1968, with over a half-million sold in 2017 alone.

Government and military entities, including the US Department of State and Department of Defense, depend upon armored and otherwise up-fitted Toyota Hilux trucks as mobile working stations in high-temperature environments with rugged terrain and, at times, lurking threats to personnel safety and security.

“Having been on the ground in some of these places during my service to the US Armed Forces, I understand the importance of ample power on vehicles such as Hilux,” says APS program manager Vince Kresho, who works alongside Phillip Potter to serve the armored and security sector.

“When it comes to mobile power, it’s all on the line,” says Kresho, who notes that APS products have been classified as “life-saving equipment” by the US Department of State.

“Life and health are key, not to mention the ability to get the job done,” he continues. “We’re pleased to provide tough, dependable power solutions for vehicles like Hilux and Land Cruiser because we know it makes a difference in the lives of real people.”

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