Product release: Alternator for Mercedes-Benz Sprinter N62 Bracket

American Power Systems, Inc. (APS) proudly presents the MB-120N62-58V, a new alternator solution for the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter.

Units have been specifically designed to fit the N62 secondary alternator bracket made available by Mercedes-Benz for the Sprinter van, but for which the manufacturer does not provide a complementary alternator solution.

APS designed the MB-120N62-58V to fill this gap and meet the needs of customers in the commercial space who rely on Sprinter, and who need additional power to run aftermarket equipment, charge batteries and get the job done.

“Our Sprinter customers began receiving the MB-120N62-58V this month, and the response has been extremely positive,” said Amy Lank, president of APS. “We’re excited to provide this new alternator solution and look forward to further developing its performance capabilities.”

Designed to meet the rigorous standards set forth by Mercedes-Benz, the new APS units deliver 120 amps of clean DC power at 58 volts.

APS currently is working to improve upon the MB-120N62-58V and expects to bring a higher-output model to market later in 2019. Other voltages will be available as well.

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