Right the first time: Help with alternator installation

Over the last 15 years, the APS team has assisted numerous vehicle-upfitters, armorers and other professionals with installation of our high output alternators, dual alternator kits and other power system components and accessories.

While each vehicle application is different, we’ve compiled a handful of generally helpful ideas in a new tip sheet to make the process a little easier regardless of your vehicle platform.

Our Alternator Installation Tips document covers the following topics:

  • How to select correct hardware for alternator installation
  • How to ensure proper alternator pulley and belt alignment
  • How to properly connect an alternator with wiring and cables
  • What to look for while running the vehicle after alternator installation
  • How to check for proper belt tension
  • How to inspect the belt
  • What to look for when removing a belt for closer inspection

Installing a high output alternator or dual alternator kit? Don’t start without the right guidance.

Download our Alternator Installation Tips for helpful hints.