Spring into ample power for your diesel work truck

The past winter in the midwestern United States brought more snow and ice than it has for 40 years in many places, including Davenport, Iowa, where APS headquarters is located.

It was a record-breaking winter in these parts, and we all depended in some way upon the working diesel vehicles that provide much needed services, such as clearing our parking lots of snow and – in less welcome scenarios – pulling our wayward cars out of ditches.

Winches, plows, lighting and other aftermarket tools and accessories draw heavily on a vehicle’s power system, and APS clients depended on our high-output alternators to support working vehicles battling the season’s worst blows.

Now that spring is here, our first instinct may be to put the nasty weather behind us – but not so fast. Spring is a good time to reevaluate while the memory of those harsh days is still fresh.

If your diesel work truck or other fleet vehicle struggled to meet demand this past winter, APS can help. We provide single and dual alternators, as well as bracketry, for Ford and GM diesel engines 2011 and newer, among other working vehicles.

Our high-output alternators directly replace OEM units providing up to 360 amps each. With dual alternators, in some cases our products can create five times the standard output provided by OEM solutions. (You can read more APS alternators here.)

The first step toward upgrading a vehicle’s power system is to determine how much power your aftermarket equipment will draw—and how you plan to use it.

So says Rick Neice, APS manager of production, research and development. Rick has focused on high-output alternators for 35 years, harking back to an era when, as he puts it, 100 amps was considered high-output.

“Let’s take a snow plow as an example,” says Neice. “If you plan to plow one large parking lot, your power needs could be less than if you plan to plow many small lots, requiring you to move the blade up and down many times in a short period of time. We want to understand your application so that we can recommend the best solution.”

To help make that determination, APS provides an individualized consultation to each client before making a recommendation or a sale.

Safety, responsibility and service are the watchwords here.

“Making changes to a vehicle’s drive system can cause a cascade of effects that impacts other systems and, ultimately, the vehicle’s operability and longevity. We feel a responsibility to be upfront about those potential complexities,” says Greg Yerington, manager of applications engineering. With 13 years of service to APS, Greg brings many additional years of electrical experience to each project he directs.

Ready to reach out to us for an upgrade? It’s important to have certain information about your vehicle handy.

“It’s imperative to correctly identify your vehicle’s year, make, model and engine configuration,” says Jim Dunlap, APS national sales manager. Dunlap serves as a trusted advisor to a broad portfolio of commercial and marine customers across the United States.

“This is the first question I ask when a new customer calls me for a recommendation,” he says. “Often there are important differences between vehicles of the same make, model and engine that come into play.”

What you can do next:

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- Contact us for a consultation about your application.

Image courtesy of Wiki Commons.