The 10-ton trickle

by Brandy Welvaert

Little things become big things.

It's true for leaky faucets, flossing your teeth, and even recycling.

Ignore the trickle, and soon you've got a gusher of a water bill. Forget flossing long enough, and you'd best prep for a filling. Throw away all the good stuff, and pretty soon, there's less good to go around.

We're not saying we've never let a trickle go unaddressed, or that we floss as often as we should. Hey, nobody's perfect! But when it comes to our recycling game here at APS? As the kids say, it's on point.

We've recycled about 15,000 pounds of cardboard and other materials since June.

That's a whole lot of good stuff not going into our local landfill, and instead going back into the world, mainly as feedstock for new packaging materials.

It's hard to believe that one small business can recycle so much in such little time.

Our goal when we started recycling in our office and plant back in June was to recycle 20,000 pounds -- or 10 tons -- in our first year. At our current rate, we'll reach that goal in six months.

More importantly, we'll reach it by recycling every day, bit by bit, and box by box. That's our commitment.

It's not always the tidal wave that makes an impact. Sometimes it's the trickle.

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