Total energy management with our smart alternator regulator & bi-directional converter

From RVs and marine applications to military and commercial vehicles, modern end-users need more available power – and they need it to last for longer periods of time as they travel further from shore power than ever before for work or play.

More end-user power for work or play

Whether they’re powering cabin comforts or mission-specific equipment, vehicle operators rely on high-power, fast-charging solutions—such as lithium-ion energy storage systems—to provide the necessary current to run equipment without generators or large banks of AGM batteries. Vehicle chassis platforms still require current at a traditional voltage.

The challenge for modern vehicles: Integrating systems operating at different voltages

Integrating these modern, high-voltage solutions at 48 or 56 volts with the traditional systems running at 12 or 24 volts can be a challenge. We have a solution.

APS clients are achieving successful integration with the CAN-capable APS-500 alternator regulator and our APS Series 3,000-watt, DC/DC bidirectional converter as a combined solution.

Our solution seamlessly integrates 12V/24V and 48V/56V at a lower cost

Sold together or separately, the regulator and converter represent an ideal, plug-and-play solution at an attractive price-point estimated at 30 percent less than a competitor’s similar offering.

The APS-500 is a state-of-the-art DC charge controller. It’s highly configurable, enabled to communicate via control area network (CAN) communication, compatible with J1939/RV-C-based CAN-enabled BMS systems, along with legacy-based control for non-CAN-enabled systems and SMA systems.

Our CAN-enabled solution constantly monitors the alternator and energy storage banks to deliver appropriate current at the right voltage

We provide the APS-500 programmed according to the client’s specific application to control both the vehicle alternator and our DC/DC bidirectional converter. Operating both units together, the solution allows current to flow at the appropriate voltage in all directions, while continuously monitoring and meeting chassis and secondary loads and providing ideal battery charging.

Learn more about our solution

You can learn more about the APS-500 alternator regulator here or download the one-sheet guide.

Download the one-sheet guide to the APS Series 3,000-Watt DC/DC Bidirectional Converter here — or download our guide to the modular solution (both the regulator and the converter) here.

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