Under the hood: Watch APS DC power system integration

Since 2006 American Power Systems, Inc. has helped clients become mission capable by evaluating vehicle applications and making key changes to vehicle DC power systems to meet critical demands.

Now you can take a look under the hood and learn more about our complete system integration capabilities in our latest video:

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About APS

Senior members of the APS team share 15 years’ experience creating integrated power solutions for customers around the world in the toughest of climates where reliability, quality and performance matter most.

With over 2,000 vehicles working around the world, APS specializes in quick turnaround development, with engineering to production taking as little as 16 weeks.

Dual Alternator Kits, Components and System Integration

In a common system integration scenario, the OEM alternator can be replaced with a  unit producing up to 360 amps. For projects requiring even more power or different voltages, APS can re-configure aspects of the engine compartment to make space for more power generation and storage:

  • custom dual alternator kit allows for the installation of two new  high output alternators inside the engine compartment.
  • Our designs minimize OEM component disruption.
  • Typically, all OEM mounting points are used.
  • Most kits are installed on separate drive system so they don’t affect the OEM drive system.
  • When a customer orders a dual alternator kit, APS sends all the needed components and instructions.
  • A custom battery tray may be added to accommodate additional batteries.
  • One or even two new batteries may be placed in the vehicle engine bay to accommodate a 12- or 24-volt battery bank.
  • APS also can meet unique “silent watch” requirements and size the battery bank appropriately.
  • APS recommends high-quality AGM, and even lithium-ion battery solutions, when developing configurations.
  • Finally, a high idle control or vehicle PCM flash may be installed at the same time, providing ample power whether the vehicle is moving or at rest.
  • APS also provides other components, such as alternator regulatorsbattery isolators, and DC-DC converters to ensure dependable power to the necessary on-vehicle equipment and systems.

A Word on Testing

Proof is everything. That’s why APS provides testing services to ensure that our products and systems meet client requirements and specifications.

Our team can perform evaluation required to meet your specifications, such as:

Our research and development space includes ambient controlled test environments, component test benches for high-temperature studies, and component test beds for advanced component studies.

Trust APS for Your Next Project

When the need for on-vehicle power is critical, clients around the world trust APS to provide DC power solutions, integration services, and testing—to get the job done.

Let’s start with a consultation to discuss your next vehicle upfit or new build. APS can help assess your unique application and provide dependable power solutions to make you mission capable -- no matter where work takes you.