APS Recycles | Curbing the waste

by By Brandy Welvaert

APS is excited to announce that we started recycling at our Davenport facility this week.

In our office areas, we're recycling paper and cardboard, plastic bottles and jugs, aluminum and steel cans, and glass bottles and jars. We purchased blue recycling bins for each individual office and for common areas. When these bins are full, we'll dump them into a 90-gallon recycling cart that our solid waste service provider dropped off this week.

We've also begun recycling cardboard through a separate process. Our shop and shipping staff currently are accumulating cardboard by breaking it down and placing it on a pallet. Then, once a week, a member of our staff will drive the APS truck to the local recycling center, where we can drop off cardboard for recycling for free. We'll also drop off our shredded paper at this facility because shredded paper isn't allowed in our new recycling cart.

Sure, it's a little extra effort -- but we think it's worth it. We plan to track how much we recycle over the next year and report our success here. We hope to recycle at least 20,000 pounds of material in our first year!

You can learn more about recycling at home and at work from Keep America Beautiful.

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