Get to know APS | Greg Yerington

by By Brandy Welvaert

Each month we introduce you to a different APS staff member here on the blog with a feature we call "Get to Know APS."

It's a little known fact that our very own Greg Yerington is close, personal friends with The Most Interesting Man in the World.

1. Name: Greg Yerington

2. Job title: Manager, Application and Engineering

3. Length of time with APS: 12 years

4. What people think I do: Unfortunately, most seem to think I don’t do anything.

5. What I really do: Everything from design work to purchasing and sourcing of products and materials

6. But I’d rather be: In the Rockies or somewhere cold hiking, etc.

7. Radio tuned to: Usually Dwyer and Michaels for the morning commute, to wake me up and get me laughing, and K-Love for the home commute to try and relax

8. iOS or Android? Indifferent

9. Pizza or tacos? Yes

10. Favorite vacation spot: Mountains anywhere

11. My first car: Pontiac Fiero

12. Best APS memory: Blowing all the diodes out of the back of an alternator because someone 'forgot' it was a 56v unit

13. Favorite holiday: Christmas

14. Worst pet peeve: Too many to count

15. If I won the lottery: I'd run for President

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