Get to know APS | James Racowski

by By Brandy Welvaert

Each month we introduce you to a different APS staff member here on the blog with a feature we call "Get to Know APS."

When you purchase an alternator from APS, you can count on our very own James G. Racowski to help make your project come to life. Jimmy is known for his humility, often taking little credit for his work -- but the truth is that he is a master of his craft!

1. Name: James G. "Jimmy" Racowski

2. Job title: Builder

3. Length of time with APS: 7-1/2 years

4. What people think I do: Nothin'

5. What I really do: I try to build alternators!

6. But I’d rather be: At the range, shooting one of my guns

7. Radio tuned to: I listen to anything. Keith even got me listening to heavy metal!

8. iOS or Android? Android

9. Pizza or tacos? Pizza

10. Favorite vacation spot: Connecticut, where my dad's side of the family is from

11. My first car: Dodge Omni

12. Best APS memory: When Keith, Phil and Greg were testing a positive-ground alternator, and I hit my hammer on the bench. I scared all of them!

13. Favorite holiday: Fourth of July

14. Worst pet peeve: People not putting things back where they belong

15. If I won the lottery: I'd buy my dream car — a '64 Impala — and move to Connecticut.

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