Get to know APS | Tyler Fangmann

by By Brandy Welvaert

Each month on the APS blog, we feature one of our staff members with a brief post.

We do it because our business is based upon relationships. We want to start a conversation with you – and we’re happy to go first! We also do it because we’re proud of the work we do and who we are.

Today we’re featuring our resident gymnast and international shipping guru, Tyler Fangmann. Read on ...

Tyler Fangmann at Wrigley Field, home of the Chicago Cubs, in the Windy City.

1. Name: Tyler Fangmann

2. Job title: Logistics Coordinator

3. Length of time with APS: 2 years, 11 months

4. Radio currently tuned to: 93.5 ESPN in the morning; otherwise 104.5 Alt (The Quad Cities’ Alternative)

5. iOS or Android? iOS for mobile

6. Pizza or tacos? Pizza -- way more varieties are available.

7. Favorite vacation spot: Northeastern Pennsylvania

8. My first car: 1998 GMC Suburban

9. What people who don’t know me think I do: Move boxes around

10. What I really do: Coordinate the movement of goods in and out of APS headquarters

11. But I’d rather be: Coaching gymnastics or out in the wilderness

12. Best APS memory: Building my desk and setting up my office

13. Worst pet peeve: Interrupting someone

14. Favorite holiday: Christmas

15. If I won the lottery, I’d: Buy an RV and travel

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