Helping hand | Thank you, thank you!

by By Brandy Welvaert

This week APS made a small donation to World Food Program USA.

We donated following EW Europe, a conference held in London at the beginning of the month. At the show, we pledged to donate a small sum for each person who subscribed to our e-news.

Like many companies, APS values the ability to keep in contact with partners and potential partners, who are interested in what we do. One of our goals at EW Europe was to gather this type of information. But rather than run a contest or hold a drawing for products or discounts, we decided to allow our contacts to make a difference.

Make a difference they did.

Though the donation we made wasn't huge -- it was $100 -- according to WFP, this is more than enough to feed a family of four for an entire month. A month! Imagine.

WFP does amazing work in the world. You can read more about its mission here. You can even make a donation of your own, if you're so moved.

APS is proud to be a supporter of WFP, and we are grateful to our partners.

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(Image credit: World Food Programme USA)