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American Power Systems, Inc. designs Chevrolet Silverado dual alternator brackets and dual alternator bracket kits, and builds alternators and complete DC systems for working vehicles.

Clients who rely on the Silverado platform include snow removal and towing services, those using Silverado as field and fleet vehicles, and other businesses utilizing this popular work truck chassis.

Before suggesting a solution, APS counsels each client individually to help discern on-vehicle current needs based upon equipment requirements and information about how and where work will be completed. Our Chevrolet Silverado dual alternators, brackets and kits provide the on-vehicle power working platforms need to energize equipment, stay connected to home base and get the job done.


+ ALTERNATORS for Chevrolet Silverado

Learn more about our high output alternators and view our alternators by popular application.



For working vehicles, APS designs and builds dual alternators and dual alternator bracket kits that support two high-output alternators. Our designs create little or no change to the OEM engine schematic.

Our R&D and engineering team share 15 years’ experience creating solutions for applications where weight matters, space is limited and it’s important to maintain sustainable life-cycle costs.

Finally, most of our kits utilize OEM mounting points, and we provide installation instructions suited for vehicle up-fitters with every kit.

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