Chevrolet Tahoe

Power Solutions for Chevrolet Tahoe


For the working SUV, American Power Systems, Inc. provides a Chevrolet Tahoe dual alternator bracket kit, high output alternators and all other components our clients need for a complete DC power upgrade.

A slightly smaller vehicle than its counterpart Suburban, the Tahoe still pulls its weight in the commercial vehicle realm. Clients utilizing the Tahoe platform include snowplow services, security providers and others whose added on-vehicle equipment creates a greater current draw that the OEM electrical system can support.

The APS R&D and engineering team leaders together have been solving these kinds of power deficits for over 15 years. Before suggesting a solution, our team counsels each client individually to help discern needs based on equipment requirements and other factors, including environmental and behavioral (how equipment will be used).

Our Chevrolet Tahoe dual alternator bracket kits, high output alternators and complete DC power solutions help our clients get work done in the field without heavy, expensive battery banks and the downtime they require to charge.