Mercedes-Benz Sprinter



The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is one of the most customizable vans on the market, providing unique flexibility for special applications in the commercial and recreational sectors.

Whether you’re building work or utility vans -- or customizing RVs to fulfill your clients’ dreams of #vanlife -- American Power Systems, Inc. provides power generation and energy storage solutions to meet your customers’ onboard current demands.

Currently we offer 12-, 24- and 58-volt alternator solutions for the N62 standard accessory bracket available from the manufacturer.

For lithium-ion applications, we highly recommend using a CAN-equipped alternator regulator in conjunction with our alternators to help ensure proper charging and cell life. Our solution, the APS-500, represents the state of the art in smart alternator regulators. (You can read more on the topic of alternator regulators and lithium-ion systems here.)


+ ALTERNATORS for Mercedes-Benz Sprinter N62 bracket
Alternator solutions for Mercedes-Benz Sprinter N62 bracket
Output: Volts Output: Amps Solution Information Alternator Position
12 or 24 volts nominal 160-360 amps Contact us for 12 & 14 volt solutions Mercedes-Benz N62 Bracket
58 volts nominal 120 amps MB-120N62-58V Mercedes-Benz N62 Bracket